Why Choosing the Bakflip Tonneau MX4 Cover – The best Aluminum Cover!

If you own a truck and the tonneau in the back is uncovered, you most certainly know the pros and cons of having it that way. All truck owners enjoy having their vehicles just the way they are, but no item in the world is downside free. Learn more about tonneaus here.

When it comes to these types of vehicles, those that have a tonneau, there are more pros and a few cons. The positive sides are that you can transport all kinds of large items. You can transport cargo that is almost the size of an entire car. That’s something no other standard road vehicle can do.

Then, there’s plenty of room to take more people from one place to another. There’s enough space to keep your belongings inside without taking them in and out every day.

For example, working in the construction business will make you drive a lot of tools and equipment with you from your home or office to the location where you conduct business. This equipment can often be robust and not fit inside a regular car. Things like power generators, heavy drills, and other stuff that is not so simple to constantly transport from one place to another.

What is the solution to having everything safe?

The solution is called a tonneau cover. There are lots of different brands, models, types, and materials used for making these covers. Their ultimate job is to keep your truck protected. See why you need to protect your vehicle here: https://greenvillesc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1523/Prevent-Vehicle-Theft-and-Break-Ins-PDF?bidId=.

Why does your truck need to be protected? In general, it doesn’t. They are made in a way that wind, rain, snow, or sun won’t do much harm to them if they are parked outside in the open. However, if you have some items placed in the tonneau, and rain suddenly starts falling, then some of your items might not be waterproof and will get damaged.

Another issue is theft. When you live the equipment in the car’s trunk, people can’t see what’s in it from the outside. They won’t be provoked to break in and steal. If you live the same equipment on the back seat where it is easy to see it, the thief will see it and break the glass. And if you leave it open like in the tonneau, where everyone can reach and grab it, even people who are not thieves might take them.

Because of these points, it’s clear that you need to do something about the problem, and keep your belongings safe. If the stuff in the tonneau can not be seen with the naked eye, then you know people won’t steal that easy. Even if they try, the cover will prevent them from doing something like this.

Is the BakFlip MX4 a good choice?

If your main goal is to protect your items in the tonneau, then covers like the MX4 Bakflip are always a great choice. This one is made from aluminum that also looks amazing. The finish is matte black and looks like your truck is made for car shows rather than for work, which is something that everyone loves.

Why is it great? Not just the cover is heavy-duty and won’t allow anyone to get their hands inside, but it also has some amazing features. One of the best features is the scratch resistance. People can’t harm it. Also, there’s the UV resistance that assures you that you’ll keep the original finish for a long time.

After 5 years, as the warranty says, you’ll be on your own, but in the first five years, anything that might happen to it is protected with the warranty. Hence, you have nothing to worry about. Just install it, and you’re good to go.

Installation is another feature that makes people love it. It’s so simple, that anyone can do it. You don’t need professionals, nor will you spend hours installing it. It requires no drilling whatsoever. You just need to mount a few clips and secure the entire thing so it will be harder for other people to take it off.

Another great feature is the tailgate seal. It allows the tailgate to be maneuvered differently. You can either close it with the cover-up or down. That’s a great feature that most people love.

There are lots of other features too that customers who are looking for a new cover will certainly appreciate. If you’re interested, you can check out the page of Bak Industries for more information, or you can send them an email to get more details on this product.

What do you need to mind when getting a new tonneau cover?

If you’re searching for a brand new cover, then you must consider particular issues. Before you make your choice, you must answer a couple of questions. Not just to be sure that you’re making the right choice, but to be sure that the cover you’ll get will be suitable for your truck.

The first thing you need to check out is whether the cover can be installed on your truck. Check out the dimensions and see if your truck is made with the same dimensions. Most companies and manufacturers make the covers fit for different vehicle brands.

You’ll be able to see if a particular cover fits your model or not. Make sure you don’t miss this information so you don’t have to go back and ask for a different size. See more about covers here.

Then, you need to consider what type of cover you’re looking for. The market is full of options. Different types of materials, mounting options, opening and closing options, there’s everything for your needs out there. All you should do is think about what’s best for you and your truck.


Hopefully, this article explained some of the most crucial issues. If you’re looking for the best product for yourself, reading this article certainly made things clearer. Do your research and find the ultimate best product.